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USES®, Universal Shunt Efficiency Systems Made in the USA

The USES® AC Power Conditioner is available in all common voltages up to 600 volts in any wire configuration and phase arrangement. It is designed for 50 to 60 Hz applications and safe to install with any control system including variable speed drives.
The Wye models provide neutral line surge protection and neutral line current reduction

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A Custom Solution To

  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Improve Power Quality
  • Lower Electric Bills
  • Eliminate Power Factor Penalties
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Reduce Equipment Maintenance

Asset Protection Benefits of the “USES” Universal Shunt Efficiency System As detailed by our Clients

Quantifying the Asset Protection aspect of the USES system is somewhat of a moving target due to the varied facility types and the different equipment and machinery operating within those facilities. If you have documentation of your previous costs for equipment repair, maintenance and replacement due to damaging events, you have a general idea of what USES will save in the future by protecting your facility from those events. In many instances the Asset Protection dollar savings can exceed the dollar savings from kW and kWh reduction.

Such was the case with Coldwater Seafood Corporation of Cambridge MD where they estimated the protection provided by their USES System saved them between 6 to 8 million dollars in equipment damage and prevented shutting down freezers containing 5 to 6 million pounds of frozen fish. Their letter attesting to this protection is attached for your review along with similar experiences from:

  1. Isola Manufacturing where they increased their production and revenue by 8.5% by eliminating down time.
  2. The University of Hawaii where USES eliminated damage to elevator equipment and motors.
  3. General Dynamics IT where “The repair to machines due to spikes and low surges have been next to nothing”. This after 17 years with USES.
  4. Island Colony 740-unit Hotel and Condominium in Waikiki, Hawaii where elevator control boards, CCTV systems and LED drivers were continually being destroyed.
  • Not Just a Big Fish Story
  • Isola Reduced Down Time
  • Honolulu Community College Reduced Equipment Damage
  • General Dynamics Equipment Savings
  • Island Colony Equipment & Maintenance Reductions


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